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Statement of Faith.

The Bible.

We believe that the Bible, in its entirety, as originally given by God, is divinely inspired and completely trustworthy and has supreme authority in all matters of faith and conduct.

The Holy Spirit.

We believe in the Holy Spirit who leads us to repentance, unites us with Christ, empowers and enables our love and witness.

Christian Living.

We believe Christians are enabled by the Holy Spirit to live Godly lives in obedience to Christ and to use our gifts to love His people and to build His Church, making disciples and proclaiming the gospel in word and deed. We also believe in the complementary relationship of men and women.


We believe in one God, who exists as three persons in one, Father, Son and Holy Spirit, who is the infinitely perfect creator and sustainer of all things.

The Human Condition.

We believe that God created humans in His image as well as in humanity’s universal sinfulness and guilt since the Fall, rendering men and women subject to God’s wrath and condemnation.

Eternal Life.

We believe in the bodily resurrection of the dead: believers to everlasting life and unbelievers to eternal punishment.


We believe that Jesus Christ is fully God and fully human. We believe in His virgin birth, His sinless life, His atoning death in the cross, His bodily resurrection from the dead, and His ascension to the right hand of God the Father where He mediates and advocates on our behalf. We believe Jesus will return to fully establish God’s Kingdom.


We believe that Jesus Christ, as our representative and substitute, is our all-sufficient sacrifice for sin and that believers are justified solely by the grace of God through faith in Jesus Christ.

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